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Production Worker - Laundry Attendant - Spartanburg, SC

Company: Crown Health Care Laundry Services
Location: Spartanburg
Posted on: November 12, 2021

Job Description:

Laundry Attendant


The primary purpose of the Laundry Attendant is to rotate through various positions within the plant to facilitate production by means of operating production equipment. Equipment must be operated in such a manner as to meet and exceed our customer expectations on a daily basis in the safest possible manner.

Employees are required to learn all equipment and rotate as needed. Typical learning curve for each position is no longer than 2-5 working days. Standards must be met for each position () within two weeks of hire, and sustained during employment.

Starting Pay Rate: $12.50/HR- Health, Life, Dental, and Vision insurance. 401k Match

Hours : 7:30AM - DONE

Extremely Warm Environment


Employees will learn the following equipment/positions and be required to rotate as needed:


Will secure linen carts, will learn how to stack and build carts proficiently per our standards in a manner that's conducive to our customer standards.

Remove linens from the Folder machine, count and stack them per stacking standards, and push the full baskets to the next staging area.

Secure a linen cart. The incumbent will have to push, pull and put the cart into place.

Remove items from the conveyor, normally catching items from up to six stations.

If an item is caught or hung up in the machine, they must contact maintenance. Only maintenance or production managers can pull jams.

The catcher may take empty cart over to the dryer area, grab another cart and bring it back to their work area.

Adhere to quality standards in terms of quantity and quality of stacking.

Perform other duties as assigned.


If the catcher sees something in the item pile that doesn't belong to The Company, the catcher must pull it out and put it to the side. The catcher may see things that are stained and the feeder didn't see it. These must be removed and put to the side.

The catcher will have to routinely make quality decisions. They may discover that an item is stuck or the machine is not functioning properly. They will decide when to call Maintenance.

Hand Fold:

The primary purpose of the hand folder is to take items as they come out of the washer or Presser and hand fold, stack and place on the appropriate cart or belt for transporting to the next stage of the process.


1. Remove product from the previous process. Identify through previous job knowledge how many items per stack.

2. Pull cart over to work area, adjusting the cart so that linen is at a comfortable waist level.

3. Fold items and place on the countertop.

4. For larger items, there may be group folding. Each folding partner grabs the lengthwise end of the item. The partners step back and make a lengthwise fold in the item. One person places it on the countertop, in stacks of five.

5. Fill up the cart in a like manner.

6. Take the cart over to the next work area.

7. Adhere to all quality standards,

8. Adhere to all safety standards.

9. Perform other duties as requested.


The hand folder will make many quality decisions, such as identifying if there is a hole or tear in the item, whether it is stained and needs to be rewashed.

The hand folder will identify when product is not The Company product and remove it.

The hand folder must decide how many items belong in a particular stack.


The primary purpose of the iron machine operator position is to run clean processed linen through the ironer machine (Feeder, ironer, folder).


1. Bend down and lift flat sheets, blankets and/or pillowcases from the platform.

2. Pull the flatsheets and feed it into the spreader, via spreader clips or a spreader arm.

3. The first feed draws the item into the spreader, and the second feed draws it into the ironer.

4. While feeding pillow cases, 2-4 people may be feeding at one time.

5. Adhere to all safety guidelines.

6. Adhere to all quality standards by looking for tears or stains, and removing items that do not meet quality standards.

7. Perform other duties as requested.


The incumbent must decide when something goes in the re-wash basket per pre-established guidelines such as a hole, stain or anything that would make it not a good quality product.

If an item is stuck in the machine, or if the machine is not functioning properly, decide when to call for maintenance.


Secure records of order:

Attach a copy of the order form to the side of the cart

Maintain track during the day of which orders have been filled and which haven't

Collect finished carts:

o Repeatedly walk through the plant and proactively seek out finished carts.

o Roll the carts to the weighing area

Weigh the carts:

o Pull the cart up onto the floor scale

o Record the weight into the software program

o Pull the weighed cart off the scale

o Push the next cart onto the scale and repeat the process

Enter the proper information into the Shipping Software

May load the delivery truck by pushing the weighed carts onto the back of the appropriate truck as required.

May fill in for other positions as required, i.e. production operator/builder

Any other duties as requested.


The ability to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without an accommodation.

High School Education or GED preferred

Basic computer knowledge and the willingness to learn new computer applications

Good recordkeeping skills

Good analytical skills

Excellent teamwork skills

Must be flexible to move from job to job as needed


1. Any other duties as assigned or deemed necessary.

2. The ability and willingness to move between all jobs via rotation when needed.


Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer

M/F, Disabled, Veterans

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